1.Higher Self-Esteem: Self-Esteem is how the person experiences and judges him/herself in the present. It goes beyond how one feels about or perceives himself; it is at the level of one’s essence and, therefore, is at the level of Being and consciousness. When one has high self-esteem, he/she is experiencing him/herself through his/her spiritual Life Energy or Self.


2.Better choice maker: When one is living from the level of self, one’s choices are towards freedom. One’s choices are in the direction of health, happiness, peace and love. One feels empowered to choose wisely.


3.More responsible: When one is living from the level of Self, one is conscious of his/her internal experiences and is responsible for all feelings, perceptions, expectations and yearnings as well as one’s behavior. Satir reminded us that all of our internal experiences belong to us . The Self is greater than all feelings, greater than all thoughts, greater than all unmet expectations. When we become responsible for our internal world, we experience the vastness of our Being. We then become responsible for our own growth towards becoming more fully human as well.

3.更負責任:當一個人與「自我」接觸時,他就會更清楚地體驗到內在,並且會為自己的感覺、觀點、期待、渴望以及行為負責,Virginia Satir提醒我們每個人的內在體驗都屬於我們,而「自我」比所有感覺、思想和未滿足的期待都要有力量,當我們開始為我們自己的內在負責時,我們就可以體驗到自已「存有」的巨大價值,從而我們就能對成為完整的人的成長負責。

4.More congruent: Congruence is a deeply imbedded concept and the goal of the Satir Growth Model. In her early communication model, Satir encouraged people to be “straight” to say what they meant and do what they said. However, congruence as a meta-goal implies that people can grow to be in harmony with their own life energy and to experience the peace, joy, love and connection that exist there. When one is more congruent, one is free from negative experiences of the past as one is now living in the present at the level of Being. Other ways of describing congruence might include being integrated, real, genuine, or authentic. There is an expectation in the Satir Growth Model that Satir Practitioners have attained a fairly high level of congruence in their lives and can be congruent while working with their clients.

4.更一致:一致性是薩提爾模式的核心概念和終極目標,在 Satir女士的早期溝通模型中,她鼓勵人們「直接」地表達自己,並且言行一致。然而,一致性作為一個總目標,意指人們在自我成長的過程中與自己的生命能量是和諧的;可以體驗到平靜、愉快、充滿愛,與生命產生聯結。一個人越是一致,他越是不會受到過去負面事件的影響,而是會活在當下「存有」的層次。其他關於一致性的描述可能包括:整合的、真實的、真誠的、純真的,而對於薩提爾模式的實務者來說,他們被期待要在生活中具備相當高程度的一致性,與來訪者一起工作時也要一致性。

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